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  • Contactless Delivery


    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria, our distribution partner Unitrans have implemented the following changes to our ‘contactless delivery’ protocols:


    • All goods are delivered to the ‘first point of egress’ and no longer to a room of choice. This means that the product will be delivered to the first space within a customer’s home or apartment that they can close off to the public. eg. Entry Hall, Garage, Patio etc.
    • Our delivery teams will not unpack product and/or assemble products.
    • No proof of delivery signature will be obtained due to social distancing. The delivery team will photograph product delivery and indicate on the ‘proof of delivery’ that the delivery was success and is complete.
    • In a circumstance where the product is unable to be delivered, then an ‘Authority To Leave’ (ATL) in a safe place, suitably weather protected will be obtained from the customer.

    This will be effective from Monday 29 June 2020 until further notice in Victoria.