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  • Top furniture picks for small bedrooms


    Make the most of a small space with clever storage options and smart design ideas.


    While a compact bedroom can create a warm, cosy vibe, if you choose the wrong furniture, it can feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Renters, young adults and growing families alike often have to struggle with a too-small bedroom, but it is possible to make the best of a small situation! Follow these simple guidelines to finding the perfect balance between furniture, storage, accessories and smart design in a compact sleeping zone.


    Top 3 must-have furniture items

    1. Tallboy:

    The tall, narrow form of a tallboy ensures it’s able to fit into any space. An essential piece in any small bedroom, especially one with no built-in storage, it’s perfect for keeping clothes and clutter organised and compartmentalised for easy access. The top surface also offers a space for display or a mirror, ideal for creating a space that’s both functional and beautiful.

    2. Bedside tables:

    Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a range of storage options including drawers, cupboards, open display and hidden compartments, the perfect pair of bedside tables is a must when it comes to smaller rooms. They’ll keep your everyday essentials and bedside lamps close at hand.

    3. Built-in storage bed:

    Not just for sleeping, a bed with drawers or a gas-lift storage compartment will keep extra bedding and winter gear out of the way, and keep your room free of clutter. Keep the profile low and the frame narrow to allow for easy movement around the bed, and all-over upholstery will save your shins from sharp edges. If there’s no space for a chair, a padded bedhead will also give you somewhere to sit up.



    Design tips for maximising compact sleeping zones:

    • A small space doesn’t require small furniture. In fact, cramming a small space with miniature versions of full-sized items will only make it feel more cramped! Choose one or two full-sized pieces to create a spacious, generous feeling.
    • Select a large rug that spreads beneath the bed to add scale and softness underfoot.
    • If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, a statement pendant light will draw the eye upwards.
    • Maximise any natural light and outdoor views to visually link your space with the green exterior - this will create the illusion of more space. Floor-to-ceiling curtains will add height and a sense of grandeur, while smaller drapes and blinds will do the opposite.
    • Don’t just stick with one bright overhead light - this will make your room feel smaller due to the stark light. A selection of lamps, pendant lights and natural light will create depth and different zones.
    • Choose narrow, tapered legs to lift furniture off the floor where possible - the ability to see underneath the bulky pieces and all the way to the wall will give the eye further to roam.
    • Curves will act to soften your space both visually and physically - you’re more likely to bump into sharp edges in a smaller space, so choose curves to avoid the impact.