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  • Kick back in comfort with our range of recliners and motion chairs.

    This is what happens when freedom combines comfort and style.?Perfectly crafted to match the shape of your body, a recliner armchair or sofa is the ideal choice for anyone that loves their personal space. Smooth-motion mechanisms - both electric and manual - ensure an easy transition from upright to stretched out, keeping everything tucked away when it’s not needed. We’re so confident in the quality of our reclining chairs, that we guarantee it under warranty. On some models, you’ll even find conveniently located USB ports for easy phone and controller charging. This is where serious ‘me time’ reigns – and you don’t even have to share your foot space.


    ?Classic & Mid-Century Recliners

    Keep the look light with a mid-century shape, combining sleek, modern lines and a raised seat on turned timber legs. This style is something freedom has created to suit smaller areas, as the legs create the illusion of more space. If you’re looking for something a bit more versatile, the classic look can adapt to suit your space, offering timeless appeal – ideal for busy families and homes with pets.

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    ?Media Room Recliners

    When creating the ultimate home theatre, it’s all about the immersive experience. With no expense spared on the surround sound, TV or even a projector, it’s time to consider the most important seat in the house - the electric recliner sofa.

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    ?Contemporary & Modern Recliners

    Searching for that perfect combination of style and comfort? A contemporary recliner sofa can function as an essential comfort piece day-to-day, expanding out in supreme comfort for everything from those extra-long afternoon naps to the Netflix marathon. Having guests over? Tuck the foot rest in for a sleek, stylish and contemporary sofa, they'll be none the wiser!

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    Love the flexibility of a recliner, but can’t use the floor space?

    Easy – these budget-friendly accent chairs do everything from recline to swivel, glide and even rock to keep you moving.

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