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  • How to choose a rug

    A rug is the essential styling piece to tie your room or space together. Whether you are making a statement, or looking to add warmth and style to a room - we’ve got you covered. Our key styling tips will guide you through matching the perfect texture, size and colour rug for your home.




    Firstly, you need to measure the space so you know what size rug will best suit the layout. Orientation also plays an important role. A square room works well with square or round rugs, while a long, rectangular room works better with a rectangular rug in the same orientation.


    A living room rug should create a stage for your couch and coffee table. As a good rule of thumb, have the rug sit under the front two feet of the couch, the entire coffee table and under the first two legs of the occasional chair. For smaller living rooms or apartments, a neat, tailored look can be created by framing the rug in front of your sofa, or even just below your coffee table.?

    Choose a durable rug that can withstand the high traffic nature of the living room. Jute rugs?are hard wearing and provide a natural texture underfoot. If you prefer something soft and lush, go for a wool and cotton blend rug.

    Emphasise the look of your living room by echoing the colours in throw cushions and rugs on your couches. Keeping your room light and bright? Go for natural-fibre rugs. If you are looking to create some texture, contrast is key. Team a sleek leather sofa with a high-pile rug, or a soft fabric sofa with a hard material like sisal. If you are looking for a statement piece, stand out with a patterned rug.

    living room rug


    If your space permits, go big! A large, oversized rug that comfortably hosts your table and all the chairs is recommended. You can also think outside the rectangle and go round. Curvy shapes add comfort to the home, and if you have a round café-style dining table, double the charm with a circular rug underneath. Round rugs are also a great solution for smaller dining spaces in apartments.


    A great way to layer and add some warmth and cosiness is to place a rug underneath your bed. You want at least 5cm over hang, so you still get a hint of the rug in the room. This is also an excellent way to help dampen sound, especially if you have floorboards. For smaller bedrooms, you can place a rug at the end of the bed so you get to see more of the smaller rug and you don’t lose any space where your bedsides sit – this layout works particularly well with a round rug.


    Have a small space that needs a little something? A rug is the perfect way to liven up a small corner or entry way. Runner rugs?are perfect for narrow hallways as they add protection to a high traffic area for your floorboards or carpet. For a reading corner with an armchair, a round rug or mat?helps to anchor the space and to zone off the area from the rest of the room.



    The additional layer of a rug pad not only stops your rug from moving around, but will help to protect it, whilst also providing another layer of comfort.